Prior to recruitment

Structure and advice on man plan
Salary guidelines
Drafting of job descriptions and competencies

Clinical psychologist services

Personality testing
Cognitive testing
Career guidance


Enhanced career line marketing, networking and ‘data mining’.
Preferred candidate selection process, including factual reference protocol.
Lifestyle analytics and advice.
Evidence Based Interviewing protocol.

Post Recruitment

Following up on candidate’s progress once the career match has been made

Special Assignment Recruitment

By special arrangements, we can assist with bulk recruitment or any position not on our standard recruitment list.

Advanced Services

We have collaborated with Hilton Calder of 4C Consulting to offer our clients the following exclusive services:

Advice on designing a competency matrix for each position
Training & workshops for management, to explain competency matrix and rating system
Training & workshops for management, to explain various interview styles and introduce evidence based interviewing
Team development workshops